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Use of Geothermal Energy for the Development of the City of Cazin

The aim of the project is to conduct hydrogeological survey to determine the geothermal potential in the City of Cazin.

The project consists of a comprehensive geophysical survey in the location of Rujnica.

Using the results of the survey, the optimal location will be selected for construction of a hydrogeological borehole. Subsequently to drilling the borehole, carotage measures and pumping tests will be performed, and the samples will be taken to perform required laboratory analyses. Based on the data obtained, numerical models of energy balance of the location will be processed, and the scenarios of potential use will be specified in the basic scope. These include use for medical purposes (spa development, recreation in the region) or agricultural development (the possibility of heating greenhouses).

The Czech Development Agency will assess the possibility of continuing support of the beneficiary of the project outputs in upcoming years in the use of geothermal potential and the implementation of the selected scenario, based on the findings and conclusions made after the completion of the project.

The results obtained thus far include:

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Ivana Pejić Povolna,

Project duration:
2018 - 2021
Environmental governance
Strategic partner:
Local Governments
GEOtest a.s.
Government of Czech Republic
Project implemented in:
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Una-Sana Canton
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