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Support to Geo-thermal Energy Development in Doboj Region

The main goal of the project is the rehabilitation of central heating system in the primary school "Sveti Sava" in Ševarlije, near Doboj.

The project will see the rehabilitation of the central heating system in a primary school in Ševarlije, near Doboj, situated on a geothermal energy source. After two wells had been excavated in the school yard it was experimentally determined that the well production capacity is 5 liters per second of water at about 13°C in winter conditions. Heat pump, heat exchanger, separator and hot water collector will be installed in a machine room on the ground floor of the school object. The bill of quantities also includes pipes for supplying well water from the well "SM-2" and outlet to the river Bosna.

The heating system on the geothermal has already been installed in the school building, while the City of Doboj must yet provide all necessary permits before it is put into operation. It is expected that this will be completed in the first half of 2019.

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Ivana Pejić Povolna,

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Environmental governance, Local infrastructure
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Local Governments
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Government of Czech Republic
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