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Construction of a Small-scale Hydropower Plant in Kreševo

The project regards the construction of a small-scale hydropower plant in the Municipality of Kreševo enabling the use of renewable sources of energy.

The plant’s construction is planned on the transport pipeline’s relieving chambers (two) on the springs of the area of Kreševo. Water will be taken from the Kreševo water system which comes from the sources of Kostajnica and Šćona. With the choice of quality equipment and with the insurance of the continuous flow of water in the water supply system, drinking water cannot be polluted, hence there is no possibility to jeopardize the water supply system of the Kreševo area. 

Besides the favourable influence to the natural environment, the construction of a small-scale hydropower plant will also have an influence to the wider social community. Namely, it will improve the situation of the electro energetic sector in the, generating some profit by selling the electric power, which will be used in favour of local community. The gains from selling the electricity will be directed into the development of plumbing and sewerage system by the Municipality of Kreševo, as an investor and the leader of the project, in cooperation with Municipal Electric Utility. A part of the resources will be invested into the construction of public street lighting as one of the mayor infrastructure projects in the municipality. The planned annual production of electric power is 140 MWh. This means, the maintenance costs included, the overall investment’s deadline of payment (credit) is app.2.5 years. 

The project activities are planed to be realized in the period from April to October 2019.

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Municipality of Kreševo,

Project duration:
2018 - 2019
Economic governance, Local infrastructure
Strategic partner:
Local Governments
Municipality of Kreševo
Government of Czech Republic
Project implemented in:
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Central Bosnia Canton
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