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Knowledge Transfer of Constructed Wetlands to BiH

Project will improve the quality of surface waters in Goražde

Project aims to improve quality of surface waters (Odska river) in the region of settlement Bogusici, as well as downstream of the settlement due to the fact that area belongs to the Water protection zone II (water supply for town is provided from the river Drina). At the moment Bogusice are not covered with the collection of wastewaters and population discharge wastewaters directly to the river.

Main activities include:

• Obtaining permits;

• Supplying material;

• Constructing the facility;

• Monitoring and testing.

The results achieved thus far include:

• Documentation prepared (EIA study, Water Study, Preliminary design, Main design etc.), permits obtained and the contractor selected through tender;

• Civil works started in 2018 (excavation for all facilities, placement of piping, placement of sewage tank partitions, placement of shafts and inlet and outlet object, as well as filling of filters).

Web site:

ContactMichael Seres

Project duration:
2017 - 2019
Local infrastructure
Strategic partner:
Local Governments
Dekonta a.s. Prague
Government of Czech Republic
Project implemented in:
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia –Podrinje Canton Goražde
Municipalities (1):