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Sustainable Production of Livno Cheese

Project supports Association Cincar and Cooperative Cincar II

The project provides support to the production of Livno Cheese, one of the most famous kinds of cheese in former Yugoslavia. Livno cheese is produced in a specific geographical area, which is why its production is limited. The specific characteristics of this cheese are due mainly to the unique vegetation, climates, as well as the quality of milk obtained from the indigenous breeds of sheep (Pramanka) and cow (Buša). The animals consume fresh feed and hay from pastures in Livno area, charatcterised by its biodiversity.

Livno Cheese is one of the most important products of the Livno Region and it is essential for the economy of the local population. The main problem for its further development on the market is that many large cheese producers use the name of Livno Cheese but do not meet the required quality standards. Therefore, it is needed to come up with a new model and strategy to protect Livno Cheese as a distinct brand with recognizable qualities.

The main project goals:

  1. Assistance to the members of both the Association and cooperative (10 newly equipped dairies, leading to improvement of cheese production and livestock farming to a sustainable and commercial level in 10 household).
  2. Defining the quality standards for the Livno Cheese (registration of trade mark and capacity of the Association to issue certificates to its members, based on clear requirements).
  3. Capacity building of the Association for future marketing, brand protection and management of Association.

The results achieved thus far:

Municipality of Livno, 

Project duration:
2015 - 2021
Economic governance
Strategic partner:
Local Governments, Municipality of Livno
Municipality of Livno
Government of Czech Republic
Project implemented in:
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Canton 10
Municipalities (1):