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BiH Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP)

The project supports the development and implementation of energy efficiency measures in BiH

The project development objective is to improve energy efficiency in public buildings, and to support the development and implementation of scalable energy efficiency financing models.

The key project activities include:

1) Energy efficiency (EE) investments in public sector buildings;

2) Technical assistance to develop and implement sustainable EE financing mechanisms within the project and beyond;

3) Build local stakeholder capacities in the area of EE;

4) Promote awareness around EE;

5) support project implementation.

 The results achieved thus far include:

• Completion of EE renovations in 69 public facilities in BiH with substantial improvements demonstrated in terms of reduced energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions, improved service environments in retrofitted buildings and contribution to the local economy (e.g. enhanced capacity of the local EE market; use of locally produced materials and pellets; etc.); ongoing renovations in 11 public buildings;

• Piloting and implementation of innovative revolving financing mechanisms (to be introduced for EE investments supported under the recently approved AF operation) - with this change, the project is the first in the country (and among the first in the region) to test and implement EE revolving financing modalities for public buildings at a larger scale


Project duration:
2014 - 2024
Environmental governance
Strategic partner:
Cantons, Entity Environmental Protection Funds, Local Governments, Ministry of Physical Planning FBiH
Ministry of Phyisical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology RS, Ministry of Physical Planning FBiH
World Bank
Project implemented in:
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska
Sarajevo Canton
Municipalities (2):
Banja Luka, Grad Sarajevo