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Using Biomass for the Development of Rural Areas of BiH

Promotion of Biomass Use in Mostar, Ljubuški, Novi Travnik and Doboj

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with significant potential in different biomass resources, and it is obviously that biomass and bioenergy in the forthcoming period can play more important role in the economy of the country. In order to achieve sustainable system of biomass use and exploitation, it is necessary to define an adequate policy and legal framework which leads to that goal. Apart from the traditional use of firewood and the recycling of wood waste in the wood-processing industry, there is no reliable data on the exploitation of different biomass sources in BiH, especially of wood waste. The most significant source of biomass for energy production is wood mass from forestry (firewood, forestry residues) and wood waste from wood processing industry. According to a market study, the non-exploited residual wood and wood waste is estimated at 1 million of m³ per year, enough to supply heat to 130,000 households.

The project activities include:

Based on these activities the project anticipates to reach the following objectives:

 The results achieved thus far include:


Ivana Pejić Povolna, 

Project duration:
2016 - 2019
Environmental governance, Local infrastructure
Strategic partner:
Local Governments
Czech Development Agency (CDA)
Government of Czech Republic
Project implemented in:
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska
Central Bosnia Canton, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, West Herzegovina Canton
Municipalities (4):
Doboj, Ljubuški, Mostar, Novi Travnik