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Water Supply in Gradiška

Improvement of Water Supply for Orahova

The project regards improvement of water supply for local community Orahova, located only 30 km from the center of Gradiška, with 2,548 citizens. Official water analysis showed that water in this local community is hygienically and health defective.

Due to the lack of adequate water infrastructure, Gradiska municipal water utility was forced to procure and sell water to 655 households in Orahova at high cost. The inhabitants of Orahova also use wells as secondary source of water supply, but without proper filtering available that too is very risky. Also, Sava River is in the immediate vicinity and it often floods polluting the wells.

The project goal is to improve the quality of drinking-water in local community Orahova and settlement Gašnica by building a reservoir in Orahova, primary pipelines in Gašnica, and secondary pipelines in both Gašnica and Orahova. Also, the project will increase the awareness of the public, especially children and youth, in the municipality of the importance of responsible water consumption. Finally, in order to ensure the quality of management, technical and professional capacities for decision-makers in the municipal water utility, the administrative capacities will be strengthened. The municipal administration will provide permits, conduct the tenders for contractors, suppliers and oversight.
 The results expected to be attained in 2019 include:


Ivana Pejić Povolna,

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Environmental governance, Local infrastructure
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Local Governments
Czech Development Agency (CDA)
Government of Czech Republic
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Republika Srpska
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