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Regional Programme on Local Democracy in Western Balkans 2 (ReLOaD2)

The overall objective of the Action is to strengthen participatory democracies and the EU integration process in the Western Balkans by empowering civil society and youth to actively take part in decision making and by stimulating an enabling legal and financial environment for CSOs.

As a critical component of democratic systems, civil society has been and will continue to be an important actor of reform processes taking place in the Western Balkans. In this context, the European Union (EU) accession agenda in the region promotes the role of civil society in further democratisation, including consultation in decision making, contribution to processes associated with policy and regulatory changes, as well as performing of a watchdog function and promoting of public accountability.

The Action is based on previous efforts realised through EU supported initiatives – Reinforcement of Local Democracy Project (LOD, 2009-2016) and a subsequent scale-up Regional Programme on Local Democracy in the Western Balkans (ReLOaD, 2017-2020).

Same as the previous phase, ReLOaD2 will be implemented throughout the region, in the following IPA beneficiaries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, and Serbia.

The specific objective of the Action is to strengthen partnerships between local governments and civil society in the Western Balkans by enhancing transparency in funding of CSOs from local government budgets and promoting youth and civic engagement in decision-making and community development.

Working across the region, ReLOaD2 will enhance capacities of local governments and CSOs to engage in productive partnerships and contribute to improved service delivery and realisation of local priorities in line with development strategies. It will incite local governments to use public funding for CSOs in a transparent and development-oriented manner, recognising local needs and embracing a project-based approach. Also, the Action will promote youth engagement and support implementation of youth initiatives and will work on improvement of their economic perspectives in partner localities.

The Action will strive to achieve the following results:

R0: Project structures and management principles set-up for efficient support to CSOs, local governments and stakeholders.

R1: The capacity of local governments to institutionalise transparent and gender responsive grant schemes is strengthened.

R2: The capacity of CSOs and local governments to implement grant schemes and deliver good quality and gender responsive projects servicing the local community is strengthened.

R3: Capacity of local authorities and CSOs to generate greater civic and youth engagement in local affairs is enhanced.

R4: Regional networking and dialogue among civil society and local governments across the Western Balkans is enhanced.


Sanja Bokun, Project Manager, UNDP,

Project duration:
01.01.2021 - 31.12.2024
Strategic partner:
Association of Municipalities and Cities of FBiH, Association of Municipalities and Cities of RS, CSOs, Local Governments, Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government of RS, Ministry of Justice of BiH, Ministry of Justice of FBiH, Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organisations (TASCO)
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
European Union
Project implemented in:
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska
Central Bosnia Canton, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Bosnia –Podrinje Canton Goražde, Sarajevo Canton, Una-Sana Canton
Municipalities (13):
Bihać, Centar Sarajevo, Gacko, Goražde, Grad Istočno Sarajevo, Gradiška, Mostar, Novo Sarajevo, Prijedor, Prozor-Rama, Rudo, Ugljevik, Vitez