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Effective Wastewater Management in the Municipality of Branjevo

The project is implemented within the Czech Republic's Foreign Development Cooperation Program and will contribute to the introduction of a wastewater management system in the village of Branjevo through the completion of a sewerage network and the construction of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the village of Branjevo. Furthermore, the employees of the organization operating the WWTP will be adequately trained and the population of the municipality of Branjevo will be acquainted with the principles of wastewater management. 

Following the implementation of the project, the pollution of the surface waters of the Drina River by municipal wastewater will be reduced, which will enable the preservation of tourism in the region in accordance with the objectives of environmental protection.

At the same time, reducing surface water pollution will contribute to meeting the objectives of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.



Project duration:
2020 - 2023
Environmental governance
Strategic partner:
Municipality of Zvornik
Czech Development Agency (CDA)
Government of Czech Republic
Project implemented in:
Republika Srpska
Municipalities (1):