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Coalitions against Hate (CaH)

Since 2013, the OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina has been engaged in combating hate- and bias-motivated incidents and crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina through supporting the establishment of informal associations called the Coalitions against Hate (CaHs) and social cohesion activities in specific communities in BIH.

The main objective of CaHs is to assist local communities in preventing and condemning hate- and bias-motivated incidents and crimes, promoting tolerance and social cohesion as an alternative to hate, and supporting development of strategic municipal documents containing mechanisms for sustained engagement of civil society in promotion of social cohesion (Community Cohesion Action Plans - CCAPs). 

The main activities can be summarized as follows:

Flagship results achieved thus far include:


Ljilijana Perkušić, National Chief of Democratic Governance Section, OSCE,

Project duration:
2013 -
Democratisation, Social affairs
Strategic partner:
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
Project implemented in:
Republika Srpska, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brčko District BiH
Zenica-Doboj Canton, Tuzla Canton, Una-Sana Canton, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Canton 10, Central Bosnia Canton
Municipalities (19):
Bratunac, Čapljina, Doboj, Foča, Gorni Vakuf/Uskoplje, Gradačac, Jajce, Konjic, Livno, Mostar, Nevesinje, Prijedor, Sanski Most, Teočak, Trebinje, Tuzla, Višegrad, Zenica, Zvornik